I’m Jori, Wife of OH Report founder Brian Skowronski.

You can find me on the sideline behind the camera, Marketing at your business handing you a flyer, Editing at our studio and coming up with new ways to make this high school year one to remember!


The OH.Report was founded on March 1, 2018 when after working as a solo news crew out of his home called BS Media Productions for 5 months, founder Brian Skowronski had enough sports videos of athletes around Richland County that a website was needed to house all the content, so his wife, Jori, developed www.OH.Report from scratch. Thanks in large part to future Ohio Mr. Football award winner Cade Stover and the Lexington boy's basketball team making a run to the 2018 state championships with Brian on the sidelines and in the locker room throughout their journey to Columbus, the brand new OH.Report gained traction almost overnight with exclusive team access and fun coverage of fans.


Combined with the cutting edge BS Media videos that featured Shelby football's run to 13-0 and the State Final Four behind 3-time All-Ohioan Brennan Armstrong & Madison Lady Rams soccer 1st state appearance with freshman All-American Taylor Huff making her high school debut in the fall of 2017, the OH.Report and its archived video collection found immediate popularity as Brian continued to produce a more seasoned collection of innovative sports highlights.


Jori officially joined Brian full-time in the family business in March of 2019 and the pair has worked together to grow its reach ever since. The OH.Report now features Community News, original programming and is far and away the leader in high school sports video coverage for the North Central Ohio area, producing hundreds of stunning highlights and stories for local athletes. 


With a vision to one day provide video coverage for the entire state of Ohio,

the OH.Report uses the slogan "The Future of Local Sports".


Thanks to all the supporters who have gotten us this far, the amazing fans, incredible athletes, accomodating coaches and schools. We love our jobs because of you!




I’m Storm Bluntschly

I graduated from Crestview high school and shortly after I started working for the OH Report.


I mainly work behind the scenes, editing videos or running camera, but you can catch me and my best friend/ colleague Garret Parlett on our Facebook lives!


Hello! My name is Garret Parlett. I graduated from Crestview High School and joined the OH report team shortly after.


During high school videography peaked my interest and I’ve been off and running ever since. Making documentaries, tv shows, sports highlights and many other gigs. I’m happy to now call OH Report my new home!

The "Packaged Deal"





A week before fall sports season 2019, recent Crestview HS graduate Garrett Parlett

scored an interview for a videographer job with Brian.


As legend has it, Parlett was coming off a senior homecoming king selection and would not come without a price, so he accepted the gig on one condition, that his high school besty

named "Storm" could join the team too because, quote,

"We come as a packaged deal".


Brian was so impressed by the 18-year-olds negotiating tactics

that he couldn't say no and the rest, as they say, is history.


The "Packaged Deal" of G-Man & Storm made their media debut a few days later at Lexington High School, filming OH.Report's first-ever Instagram post with Brian in front of the Purple Haze before a Minutemen Week 1 win over rival Ontario. (Sorry Warriors fans...)


The pair have been inseparable on the sidelines ever since, having double the fun every time

they're on the job with a best friend.


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