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High School athletes interested in playing at the next level need to grab the attention of college coaches and a player recruit video is the best way to ensure they're seeing an athlete at their best. 

All college coaches will want to see player film to evaluate talent so having a video available that showcases an athletes abilities can give them an edge over the competition. 


Player Recruit Videos will include game video of an athlete's top plays, including those filmed by the OH Report if available; a statistic screen that will display player stats, honors, and contact information, custom built graphics and instrumental music that's not invasive.


We can also film a player workout, skill demonstration or sporting event to better showcase an athlete's overall talent.


Player interviews are also available upon request if an athlete would like to put their personality on display and exhibit how they would handle dealing with the media, which is important in college.



Contact us by email to get started on your player recruit video today!


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