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                           WANT TO PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS OR PRODUCT?

The OH Report has a wide range of advertising sponsorship opportunities for your business at a price you'll love.


Sponsor a sport season, favorite team, or expand your business by sponsoring on a variety of local sports within a 50-mile radius.


Our advertising sponsorships include everything from:

Pre/Half/Post Game - Your Logo seen and mentioned on our Pre/Half/Post game graphics. 

Scoreboard - Your Business logo seen and mentioned on our scoreboard for the entire game. 



Instant Replay - Your business logo seen and mentioned whenever we replay a big play.

Player of the Game - Your business logo seen and mentioned when we interview the Player of the Game. This is also sub-clipped and posted on its own for more views and shares. 












Commercial Sponsor - Your business commercial seen at least 5+ times within a game and mentioned by our commentators.

All Sponsorships include mentions by our commentators promoting your business with a one-line promo provided by you, links to your business site within the game description, business links and banners on the OH Report Website and most of the time a kickback to our partner school's athletic department.

(Kickback not included during tournaments)



Fall - Football, Volleyball, Soccer

Winter - Basketball, Swimming, Wrestling, Bowling

Spring - Tennis, Softball, Baseball, Track


You choose the team(s) and we can build you a sponsorship package that fits your business needs supporting the team(s) you love.



We'll create a sponsorship package that includes your business on every LIVE EVENT and HIGHLIGHT we cover for the SEASON or YEAR.  Our coverage is within a 60-mile radius and expanding every year.

Promote your business and get involved in your community by becoming an advertising sponsor

on the OH Report!


Our team works hard to provide FREE coverage of High School Sports all year long. We provide this service Free for those who are not able to attend the big game and cheer on their favorite team or athlete.  We've provided a place where they can showcase their talents and rewatch over and over again.

For more information on business sponsorships please contact Brian Skowronski @ 970-629-0006 or email him at Brian@OH.Report

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