Crestview Football 

Wants Postseason Return 

July 2, 2020 

Crestview football has been putting boots on the ground when it involves summer workouts.


The Cougars have had around 54 players come out for training in the past few weeks.  With COVID-19 the Cougars have players come in three waves. Three different sessions to keep the six feet social distancing rule still in full effect.

Crestview football helmet.png

“It's 110 percent all the time, we come in, do our job, get in done quick and get out of here.” Ross Kuhn starting Quarterback and Defensive Back for the Cougars added. “We're trying to make it all the way to the promised land this year.”


With a tough end to the Cougars season last year, falling in Week 11 on a missed game-winning field goal in the final seconds, they look to bounce back and snatch a playoff berth again this upcoming season. Kuhn looks to be steady with the rock as his experience continues to grow with each passing day. Only time will tell what the actual ceiling is for Crestview but everyone from Cougars country is keeping high hopes for the season.

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