The 'Real Conversation' 

Part 2 : Local Law & Order

By: Brian Skowronski     6-25-2020

Mansfield- The conversation sparked by the death of George Floyd has turned the national focus onto the nuances of law enforcement and how the judicial system handles specific cases, especially when they involve police officers.


In episode 1 of 'The Real Conversation', we took a deep look at the world of law enforcement and prosecution in the state of Ohio with professionals throughout the state and even experts from around the country. For part 2 the conversation shifts its focus to the local level with guests from the city of Mansfield and Richland County.


Join OH.Report legal correspondent Lodema M'Poko for exclusive sit down interviews with Richland County Prosecuting Attorney Gary Bishop and Mansfield Safety-Service Director Lori Cope as they dive into a variety of law and order topics facing North Central Ohio. 

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