Beyond Winning 

The Power of Video

By Chris Hershberger

Highlight reels are running like wildfire on social media right now. I’m noticing many athletes and coaches pulling out the goods in an effort to keep sports alive in an unprecedented time of a painful global timeout.

This is all good on so many fronts — motivation, inspiration, and a poignant reminder how much our society misses touchdowns,

slam dunks, and home runs.

                We Need Sports.                    


It keeps conversations flowing.


It heals our country’s divisive psyche amid political and social turmoil.


We could use a really solid underdog story right now, and unfortunately, watching Hoosiers for the 30th time just won’t cut it this go around.

One of the single best underdog stories that COULD come out of this for athletes and coaches lies in what’s happening now.

I often wonder who it is? Which athletes are out there using this time to be that underdog?

I can’t think of a better way to utilize the power of video than going back and watching tape

(a term used by us old guys who used VHS).

The term digital content is more appropriate for athletes today.

Time is on your side. Time is bending for you. We usually beg for more of it.

         Boredom is our chief enemy right now.             

Dig out those digital files on Facebook, Youtube — wherever you can find them.

It’s a literal treasure trove of data from which much can be recognized, categorized, and capitalized.

Make it a mission to tease out all of your weaknesses the naked eye can detect.


Make it your mission to see yourself as objectively as possible.


In order for that champion to break the mold of mediocrity, you must chip away every last detail.

Make that list. Find pride in crossing out each item you no longer harbor.

    The power of video is in your hands.  

                    What will you do with it?                          

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