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Richland County Football Pep Rally

Tygers & Cubs Fans Rally Together

The 2019 high school football season has proven to be a historic journey for Richland County and two of its programs. No team in county history had ever made a run to the State Championship game before both Mansfield Senior and Lucas accomplished that feat this postseason.

Each school and their fans have fed off the success of the other throughout the playoffs by supporting one another throughout their run to state. Both teams have attended the others send-off ceremonies and even their postseason games which has created a mutual fanhood for everybody involved.

The mutual support culminated in an incredible joint pep-rally held at Central Park in downtown Mansfield where fans of both teams showed up to cheer on the Tygers and Cubs. The power of sports was on full display at the event where everyone united with positive energy as one community cheering on two teams.

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