Trump says it’s time to reopen America again. Ohio scheduled to reopen on May 1st


By: Don Bryant     4-17-2020

President Trump released new federal guidelines during a White House Coronavirus Task Force press conference on Thursday, charging governors with reopening their states in a series of phases.


“This is a gradual process. Every state is very different. If [states] need to remain closed, then we will allow them to do that,” Trump said.


Federal officials say healthy Americans will be allowed to return to work as states reopen, which may be before May 1st in some states. But officials advise that staying at home, teleworking when possible, maintaining vigorous hygiene are the weapons against COVID19 until an immunization is developed.


In Ohio, Governor Mike DeWine announced that the state will reopen on May 1st with an emphasis on getting Ohio’s economy moving again and to “get people back to work.”


The Republican governor said Ohioans will have to live with the reality that COVID-19 is still here and is likely to remain until immunization is developed. “We don’t know how long that’s going to be.

It could be a year or longer. We don’t know. It will be a while. But it’s essential that we do this right. We don’t want to see a huge spike in the number of people getting COVID-19 as we start to open up again,” DeWine stated.

Dr. Deborah Birx, the Response Coordinator from the White House Coronavirus Task Force said the federal government will have a supporting role in the reopening process for each state, and would include the development of a mandatory sentinel surveillance program to find early alerts of

COVID-19 symptoms and to identify asymptomatic individuals in nursing homes, inner-city hospitals, and throughout indigenous communities.

“We will be working with the states and local governments on this. We want to ensure ICUs can handle increased capacity.

We want every state to have a plan.”


And what’s the plan for Ohio?

In addition to following federal guidelines and recommendations from the Ohio Department of Public Health; Governor DeWine is launching a Board of Economic Advisors comprised of CEOs from many of the major companies and smaller companies throughout the State of Ohio to figure out what needs to be done to address the state’s economic crisis.


But many Ohioans believe May 1st is still too soon and should reopen the state at a later date. According to Public Health Director, Dr. Amy Action, 623 new COVID19 cases were reported within the past 24 hours.


However, Governor DeWine appears to be closely aligning with the White House in his decision to reopen Ohio as soon as possible, and recently spoke with President Trump on a conference call.


The President, who has been eager on getting things back to normal, said on Thursday,


“We took the greatest economy in the history of the world and closed it.

It’s time to reopen America again.” 


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