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G-man Best Hands Challenge vs. Crestview

Summer training continues and so does G-man's quest to prove he has the best hands in the area when it comes to catching the pig skin. This week he traveled to his old alma mater to prove to his old coach that instead of duking it out in the trenches on the offensive line that he would have made a darn good wide receiver.


This challenge would be a little bit different however as normally G-man would just play one player one on one. However this time G-man would take on all of the Cougars receiving core one on one offering a little bit of a mix-up compared to the usual business we do. Crestview is coming off a great season winning the Firelands conference going 5-1 in the shortened regular season. They would also win a playoff game in their run. However they lost some really good senior class including QB Ross Kuhn and WR Evan Hamilton.


Head Coach Steve Haverdill is looking for another excellent season and beating his former player G-man would be a stellar way to start off his summer.