Falcons Eye 5th Straight Playoff Season

New Starters Filling Key Holes

July 28, 2020 

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Looking for a fifth straight playoff appearance the Falcons of Hillsdale knows what it takes to dominate. Since hiring Trevor Cline in 2018, the Falcons have had winning seasons and won a playoff game each year. Thanks to good coaching, teamwork, and offseason workouts, it seems as if the Falcons are poised for yet another postseason run.

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Cline told OH.Report, “ We do have multiple players who got a lot of experience last year returning. Obviously we lost some key players from our team last year but something that has become a sort of thing we expect at Hillsdale, well a thing we do expect is to make the playoffs each year and just play to the best of our abilities. Put ourselves in a position to compete for a WCAL title and also make a playoff run.”


Senior linebacker and tight end Ty Williams had a minute to share his thoughts on the 2020 fall season, stating, “ We just have to keep working hard every practice to make sure everybody is doing their job and hopefully we can make it back (to the postseason) for the fifth straight year.

But if everybody does their job, I think we definitely have enough talent on this team to make it back for another year.”


In Falcon country, the playoffs are not wished upon -they are now expected. Hillsdale has won four postseason games but have not yet broken through to the state final four.

Could 2020 be their year?