Governor Tells Ohio Protestors to

"Wear Masks, Practice Physical Distancing"

By: Don Bryant     6-24-2020

COLUMBUS—Governor Mike DeWine held a press conference Tuesday afternoon to provide a COVID-19 update and a message to protestors.


The governor addressed cases of vandalism taking place during protests, saying that violence will not be tolerated. “When there is vandalism or any illegal act, it should be investigated and we are going to seek prosecution,” he said.


The governor also addressed Ohioans' rights to continue demonstrations across the state, saying “it’s your constitutional right to protest. But make sure you wear masks and practice physical distancing.”

Coronavirus not going away anytime soon


During the conference the Governor, First Lady and Lt. Governor each took a coronavirus test, live swabbing for all Ohioans to see. When compared to some of the videos and pictures I’ve seen on social media, the test didn’t look as painful as I originally believed. Although it’s granted that the governor and his crew are senior politicians and are accustomed to holding strong for the camera.


Coronavirus shapes political messaging

Pictured is a peaceful protest organized in downtown Mansfield where the majority of participants did not wear masks as several hundred people crowded into Central Park.

The governor actively modeling coronavirus testing procedures in hopes he will influence more people to do the same, once again, conflicts with White House messaging. President Donald Trump said at a weekend campaign rally that he told officials to slow down coronavirus testing.


"When you do testing to that extent, you're going to find more people, you're going to find more cases. So I said to my people, 'slow the testing down, please,’" Trump stated.


Meanwhile, Democrats are maintaining a unified front on coronavirus. For the most part they’re staying solid in their messaging advocating for the use of facial masks and the practice of physical distancing. Former VP and Presidential Candidate, Joe Biden, is upholding the Democrats’ safety-first structure as he continues to hold more virtual events.


In a statement released on Tuesday, the Biden campaign slammed the “combination of Trump’s total unpreparedness and willingness to play politics with the lives of Americans that got us into this mess in the first place.”

“We did a great job on CoronaVirus, including the very early ban on China, Ventilator production, and Testing, which is by far the most, and best, in the World. We saved millions of U.S. lives.!

Yet the Fake News refuses to acknowledge this in a positive way.”

President Trump believes America did a "great job on Coronavirus", while former VP Joe Biden disagrees.

The political season is just getting started.

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