City Issues With Mansfield Councilwomen

Laura Burns & Jean Taddie

By: Brian Skowronski     4-10-2020

MANSFIELD — There's a lot of attention focused on the spread of coronavirus right now, and rightfully so, given everything that's currently at stake for millions of Ohioans joined in a battle to stop the virus. As we wrap our third week under the "Stay At Home" order in the Buckeye state, daily living has certainly changed in our area, but concerns in the city of Mansfield remain mostly unchanged, according to a pair of councilwomen.


Mansfield city council members Laura Burns, of the 1st Ward, and 6th Ward leader Jean Taddie discuss issues relevant to their constituents and others in the community with former councilman Don Bryant and Brian Skowronski.


Get up to speed on how Mansfielders are reacting during this period of quarantine and the effect it's having in our community.  Both Burns and Taddie share personal perspectives from their wards, explain how council is currently operating, the issues facing the city and more.


Stay engaged with community issues by contacting the council person in your ward about changes you'd like to see in your neighborhood and beyond.   


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