April 24, 2021

Ontario High School




Cardington Lincoln traveled to Ontario to take on the Warriors who would eventually fall in defeat 8-4. This one comes in very rough for Ontario as this will be their 7th loss in a row and after a decent start to the season they have begun to fall off the wagon a little bit. For the Pirates their dominants continue rolling over in sight, but you wouldn't know that from the first half of this game as Ontario would jump out to an early lead and have all the momentum after a big 2 run shot in the bottom of the 2nd. After a double in the bottom of the 4th Ontario would add 1 more run to their lead and step further away from the Pirates. That all changed in the next inning when Cardington hit a double then a triple then a home run in quick succession not only matching the Warriors but passing them on the score sheet 5-3. Ontario still had some life adding a big fly in the bottom of the 5th to bring the gap to just one run. That's when things would take a turn for the worst for Ontario as in the final inning of play they would give up 3 more runs and would never recover eventually falling in the bottom of the 7th 8-4. This highlight is brought to you by our good friends and very generous sponsor over at Sutton Bank.