"Beyond Winning"


By: Chris Hershberger

I have been training and coaching world-class athletes from various sports for over 25 years. I’m also a data junky and self-proclaimed geek when it comes to researching winning formulas and relevant data points. I voraciously read books, listen to podcasts, covering all ranges of genres including sports psychology, leadership, self-help, sports performance, etc. You’d be surprised how many seemingly obscure genres apply to coaching in the sports world.

I’ve made lots of mistakes. Most of the time, I asked myself, “Why?” But not always.
Along the way I’ve been privileged to guide multiple athletes to national and world titles. It’s been a roller coaster of highs and lows. I made a decision in my thirties to add Olympic Champion to that list. Currently, I’m a USA TAEKWONDO All-American Coach traveling the world in pursuit of Olympic Gold for our great country.


Being a professional writer led me to think, “Why not share my insights with my fellow
Buckeyes on OH.REPORT?”

Now that you know why I’m here... let’s move on. Notice above, I differentiated “training” and “coaching.”

Those two actions couldn’t be further from each other on the broad spectrum of athletic success. Trainers train to prepare for optimal performance. Coaches coach real-time optimal performance while making split-second decisions on behalf of athletes and teams.

Most athletes, especially youth, do not reap the benefits of having a trainer and a coach. Those two hats are typically worn by one person.

One of my central goals with this column is to share the very real relationship training and coaching has on developing successful athletes. I will share research. I will also provide video-podcasts featuring Ohio coaches striving for success in their respective sports. If you’re a parent whose very involved with your child-athlete.


 I’ll also be providing my insights on how athletes can become more productive in their endeavors, and ultimately use their sports accomplishments and challenges to positively affect all areas of their lives.

I’m a goofball too. I like humor.

Hopefully, I will elicit some hearty chuckling from you
along the way. Stay tuned!

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