3 Mansfield Sisters have babies on same day, delivered by the same doctor

By: Brian Skowronski & Don Bryant

July 3rd in Mansfield, Ohio is a day for the history books. On this day, three sisters all had their babies delivered by the same doctor at OhioHealth Mansfield Hospital.


Daneesha Haynes, 25, Ariel Williams, 20 and Ashley Haynes, 27; were all smiles when talking to reporters on Wednesday about this very rare, yet joyous occasion.


The babies names are: Emrie Haynes, Sincere Young, and Adrion Haynes.


Ashley says when the girls all learned of their induction dates that they joked about all going in on the same day, but never imagined that it would really play out that way. Because of Coronavirus, the sisters were each only allowed to have one other person in the room with them, so each chose the child's father. They each said each dad held strong and there were no incidents of fainting.


The youngest of the three, Ariel, says she was exhausted, yet excited her baby is finally here. But it’s Daneesha, the middle sister, who is taking the lead in future planning for the family.


“We’re going to have a big birthday party every year on July 3rd. Probably will have a huge sheet cake each time. We’re already a big family and I’m sure the babies are going to grow up being very close to one another.”


Grandma, Deborah Ware of Mansfield says she will continue helping out where needed.


“Before, I was taking the girls around to their appointments and different places, but now that the babies are here, I’m happy to pick up things and run errands for them,” Ware stated.


Three babies by three sisters on the same day is extremely rare and something that hasn’t happened too often with the same doctor delivering them according to various records. The sisters say they are very thankful for Dr. McMillan and that he did a “wonderful job.”


Dr. Edroy McMillan, MD is an Obstetrics & Gynecology Specialist in Mansfield and has over 33 years of experience in the medical field.

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