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 The Norbert Peiker Story

Norbert Peiker is definitely what you would call a model employee. He consistently shows up for work ahead of schedule and stays late to meet customer needs as a building plans examiner for the city of Columbus.

What makes his dedication truly impressive, though, is that Peiker will turn 80 this year and still works 79 hours bi-weekly, the maximum he's allowed as a part-time employee. He brings over 50 years of experience working in the field of architecture with him as well, providing a level of knowledge and understanding that elevates his department on a consistent basis.

Norbert also raises the moral of his co-workers through his positive spirit and work ethic, despite fighting cancer without remission for over 23 years and counting.

Once a successful marathon runner, Peiker noticed a decline in his performance while participating in the Boston Marathon in his mid-50's. His athletic recession continued, so he consulted a doctor who discovered that Norbert had developed stage 3 cancer.

With the support of his wife, Barbara, who is still a world-class distance runner, Peiker has fought through his health issues for over two decades and encountered a number of setbacks along the way. Strong faith and commitment to positive perspective are a major reason Norbert believes he has defied the odds. 

Peiker also credits his job with the city of Columbus as a motivating factor in his continued life's journey, providing him with a purpose for fighting through the pain. And make no mistake, Norbert lives in constant discomfort from his myriad of ailments, refusing to take any pain medication that may impact his ability to work for the city.

So, until Norbert feels as though he has fulfilled his purpose with the Columbus Building and Zoning Department, you can expect to see him arriving early, staying late and inspiring others while paying attention to every detail of each task he is presented.  

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