More Than A Game: Mansfield Hoops For Youth

For the past 15 years, a summer basketball league in Mansfield has been teaching more than just the sport to its impressionable athletes. Designed with equal parts athletics and academics, Hoops For Youth molds children both on the court and in the classroom.


Co-founded by Jeff McCoy and Dre McCruter in 2004, the league uses basketball as its vehicle to teach attributes such as sportsmanship, leadership, discipline, academics and teamwork. They believing combining sports and school will challenge young minds, build character and help youth develop to their fullest potential in all walks of life. Players are also taught from an early age the importance of completing assignments while participating as student-athletes by issuing homework each week of the program and not allowing kids to play if it’s not turned in the following week.


Former players and parents believe the accountability is a great lesson to be taught to young, aspiring athletes to understand that being a student must always come first. Many talented high school players in the area grew up with the program and some even return to coach in the summer. The 15th annual Hoops For Youth season will wrap-up on June 28 at Mansfield Senior High School.

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