Mansfield Pride Festival 2019

Downtown Mansfield had a huge rainbow cast over on Saturday, August 3rd with the 5th annual Pride Festival and Parade making its way through the city.

The event, sponsored by the Mansfield Gay Pride Association, brought hundreds to the sidewalks along Park Avenue West for the parade which began at the 5-way stop on Marion and ended at Central Park where the festival was held. Live music, games, comedy, and food offerings from 43 vendors filled the park where a shared love for humanity was felt by patrons who spoke with OH.Report.

Serving as grand marshal of the parade was Love on a Mission executive director Deena Pfahler,  who, along with dozens of others who attended the festival, gave away "Free Mom Hugs" to anybody interested. And there were plenty of takers for the generous offer throughout the entire event.  

Todd Rice, the event organizer, says that "acceptance" was the theme of the day as the festival showed that the LGBT community "brings something to what Mansfield is." Rice says it was the biggest gay pride event the city has been put on so far and that it has been exciting to see the growth of the event in Mansfield. 



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