Kick It Fit

Kick It Fit: Episode 8

Get to know 8-time taekwondo National Champion Natalie Hershberger on a more personal level as she answers a bunch of random questions about stuff.

Natalie and her brother/sparring partner Cameron debunk the Top-5 Myths they feel are commonly associated with Martial Arts as the Hershberger sibling duo combines to form the "Myth Kickers".

Kick It Fit: Episode 1

Join taekwondo phenom Natalie Hershberger on her journey as an aspiring Olympic athlete through daily workouts, fitness routines, taekwondo training, lifestyle choices and more. Episode 1 introduces you to the 7x National Champion from Mansfield, Ohio with guest appearances by other national medalists in TKD.

Kick It Fit: Episode 2​

Join taekwondo dynamo Natalie Hershberger as she tackles a fitness routine with father/trainer Chris Hershberger and tries her (mammoth) hands at piano lessons​

Kick It Fit: Episode 4

Join taekwondo phenom Natalie Hershberger throughout her trip to Las Vegas as she captures gold in the US Open to claim her 8th National Championship then battles fellow gold medal-winning teammate Bella Fazekas in an epic showdown for squad supremacy.​

Kick It Fit: Episode 3​

Natalie describes the scoring system in taekwondo then plays a round of "What Do You Prefer?"

Kick It Fit: Episode 5

Natalie Hershberger & Chris Hershberger go head to head in a celebrity sandwich-making contest at Doc's in Mansfield, each creating their own custom masterpiece. BS Media owner Brian Skowronski then makes his pick between Natalie's "Olympus" and Chris' "Roundhouse Kick", but you can also help decide which sandwich is the winner by taste testing for yourself!

Kick It Fit: Episode 6

Chris shares some "Quick Tips For Quickness" and has Natalie demonstrate exercises that increase strength and foot speed. Then the Hershberger's unveil a secret taekwondo technique they've been working on under the radar that may just advance them straight to the top of the sport!

Kick It Fit: Episode 7

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