Governor DeWine Appeals to FDA,

President Trump

By: Don Bryant     3-29-2020

COLUMBUS—in a last minute scheduled press conference, Governor Mike DeWine, directed frustrations at the Federal Drug Administration’s “slow moving processes” to approve new developments by Battelle, an Ohio company; who says they could sterilize nearly 80,000

N-95 masks up to 20 times.


Governor DeWine says he called President Trump directly to ask for help in getting this approved to which he said President Trump said he would get back to him before the close of the day.


Battelle is a research institute located in Columbus. In response to COVID-19 outbreak and the shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) across the country; Battelle has developed processes for the sterilization and decontamination of N-95 masks, in which the company has already started rolling out in New York.


Lieutenant Governor Jon Husted, said he received a call at 1:19 am with news that the FDA approved Battelle’s development, but on a limited basis. The Governor is seeking to have the process fully approved and is why he reached out to President Trump.


“I’ve known the Governor for a long time and I have never seen him this frustrated,” Lt. Governor Husted stated.


Governor DeWine, who many say initially led the country in his response to the COVID-19 outbreak; wants to connect Battelle’s new development to hospitals throughout Ohio to protect its first responders, who the governor is referring to as doctors, nurses and other medical personnel.


“We have been waiting and waiting, and waiting. We have gone back and forth with the FDA for days. This is why I’ve asked the President for help,” Governor DeWine stated.


COVID-19 Ohio epidemic. Updated March 29, 2020:  


                          1,653   Infected

                          29        Deaths

                          103      New hospitalizations

                          139      In ICU

                          24,356 Tested to date


                          *Office of the Governor* 

To see the entire press conference as broadcast by WCMH-TV, follow the link: 

Images for this story are from this newscast.

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