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Fun In The Parks

South Park

Fun in The Parks at South Park in Mansfield, started in 2015 when Juli Parsons and her son Caleb had a vision to bring life and fun back into the Mansfield parks. Juli and Caleb started with the community garden in South Park which had been abandoned and tended to it for a season before asking to start park programming and classes.

They started the new Fun in the Parks program to educate children and adults how to properly take care of fruits and vegetables and how to give them the necessities needed to make up their own garden at home. This was all on volunteer bases and by the end of the 6-week program in 2016, 900 people had attended. 

As the years have gone on, more volunteers have added to the activities and events surrounding the program. Tuesdays are spent in the Community Garden, they then move on to Improv and More and end the day with an art project. Wednesdays they have stories and crafts with Deb Dubois from the library and following is history provided by REACH. Thursday's adults and children learn Mobility for life with Renata Music from the YMCA and end with Our Community.

Small grants have been given and the Mansfield Parks and Recreation have helped find interns to teach, learn and provide a fun a safe atmosphere for kids and adults for all ages.

Fun in the parks is a free event running 3 days a week in June -through July 

To find out more information please visit the Fun In The Parks Facebook page by clicking below.

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