Who's Got It Better Than

Crestline, Ohio?!

For many Americans, there is a great deal of pride associated with the place where they grew up and called home as an adolescent. When it comes to the people born and raised in Crestline, Ohio, however, that sense of home town pride is on a whole other level.


With a rich tradition built on the railway, Crestline has historic roots that earned its nickname "The hub of Ohio". Perhaps even more impressive for a town that only houses around 4,000 people is the number of successful athletes and coaches it has produced.


Crestline is home to legendary coach Merle Hutson, World Series champion Gates Brown, former ESPN commentator and D1 coach Mike Gottfried, national championship-winning coach Jack Harbaugh who's two sons John and Jim coached against one another in the Super Bowl, and the list goes on and on.


This short video outlines the great people and achievements that make Crestline a home town to be proud of.

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