Conversation With A Coronavirus Patient

Featuring Mansfield Native Angelo Gallo

By: Brian Skowronski     4-6-2020

MANSFIELD — As the coronavirus continues to dominate our focus, media updates from medical experts and government officials addressing the pandemic have become commonplace over the last several weeks. Few stories have been told by those actually battling COVID-19 who now understand associated symptoms, the process for getting tested and recovering.


To help shed light on what it's like to be infected with the coronavirus, Mansfield native Angelo Gallo joined Brian Skowronski and Don Bryant for an interview about his ongoing experience.


Gallo, who now lives in Pebble Beach, California, has been quarantined for over a month while he and three others living at his home recover from the infection. He says the symptoms and effects for each of them have been very different, with his case proving to be the most severe. 

During their conversation, the former Ohio State grad talks about the testing process, medical advice doctor's gave him for dealing with the virus, how he's dealt with the illness, thoughts on the government's handling of the situation, and more. 


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