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Accident Survivor Transforms Into Athletic Amputee

Twenty-seven-year-old Ontario resident Trever Cline is what you might call a “gym junky”. Six days a week, you are sure to find Cline setting new fitness goals at the Ontario Fitness Center where he trains under the tutelage of longtime instructor/competitor Roy Leedy.  


While Cline has always been into sports and fitness throughout his life, it’s had a more significant impact on shaping him as a person over the last several years. This being the case following a life altering event that would change course and body forever.


One grievous night in 2016, Cline was driving home from work on US Route 30 when he lost control of his vehicle and wrecked into the woods. He was pinned in his truck as it was engulfed in flames, burning a significant portion of his body before being rescued by law enforcement. Trever then spent the next 11 months in the hospital where he received 45 surgeries, including amputation of his right leg below the knee.


When Cline was finally released from the hospital, he didn’t know how he was going to live a normal life with a prosthetic leg, so he mostly used a wheel chair and the assistance of a walker. Trever says he mostly stayed at home where he started binge eating and became depressed, tipping the scales at 285 lbs before making the decision to start eating clean and get back in shape on January 31, 2018.


After Cline joined OCF two months later, he was able to shed 15-20 lbs per month with Leedy’s coaching on exercise and nutrition. Once the physical results started coming, so did the mental health and confidence for Trever, who quickly disposed of his wheel chair, walker and medications that doctors told Cline he’d be on for the rest of his life.


Trever now holds a full-time job as at cook at Ohio Health Med Central while also attending college for a degree in marketing and health & wellness. The Crestview graduate says he plans to help other amputees find similar happiness and success through good health and fitness in the future.


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